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Web Designing

Website - the strongest marketing tool not only makes your audience updated about your offerings but acts as a corporate identity in this hi-tech era. This is your online office to showcase best of you and your offerings. A lousy website can resist your prospects coming to you and hence provide opportunity to competitors to grab the deals. There are millions of websites available on the internet but only few are good. Your website must convey the right message to your target audience including existing clients. Only a well thought and strategically developed website helps you in sales activities in many ways. Not only this, the website also acts as a strong medium of communication.

LogonB2B has designed and developed 200+ corporate websites in different domains and created a good reputation in the industry. Our artists are not engineers. They are from fine arts background and understand colours, your target audience and the message you want to pass. We do comprehensive analysis of websites of your competitors before start designing your work. All our designs are unique and fresh to impress your audience manifold.

We respect processes. All our projects go through our own predefined process. We allocate our time and deadlines as per the various steps. We will never start a work unless we have complete understanding of the requirement. With the help of Prelim Project Requirement Analysis, we follow our steps strictly. This also requires client involvement and makes the completion smooth.

Following are the steps we follow for web designing:
Step 1: Information Gathering
Specific information about the project is collected directly from the concerned person/s (One point contact) - who will take care of the project throughout its lifecycle from the client side. Information gathering is done through the Information Gathering Template (IGTD), which will be given to the client. Interaction with the client also puts maximum input.

Step 2: Internal Analysis
Once the site map is finalized (it can be done in the initial phases of marketing) Internal Analysis of the project is done through the following processes.

  • Study by the Project Manager
  • Identify the Designing and Programming modules
  • Designing - Allocate the team
  • Programming – Allocate the team (separate doc)
  • Reconfirm the time calculations
  • Make a Project Evaluation and Review Format
  • Hand Over the project modules to the respective team.

Step 3: Concept Generation
Designer/s work on the concept or theme as per the information collected through the initial steps.

Step 4: Creation of initial template - Look for Approval
Initial template is designed and submitted to the Project Manager. Once Project Manager approves, he/she sends it to the client for approval.

Step 5: Feedback
Client feedback is documented, depending on which the following scenarios take place

  • Scenario1-web design approved: If design is approved go to step 7
  • Scenario2 - If web design not approved: If design is not approved go to step 6

Step 6: Modification / Redesign as per the feedback
If the initial web design is not approved, modify or redesign the template with the help of feedback – within the scope of work, repeat step 5.

Step 7: Showing 50% of the work
If the web template is approved, initial 50% of the designing project will be completed as per the feedback. This will be approved and handed over to the Project Manager. Project Manager shows it to the client for further feedback.

Step 8: Seek approval for 50% of the work
Feedback from the client is collected and documented (if require). Steps7 and 8 will be repeated till mutual satisfaction is attained.

Step 9: Complete the balance 50%
If the initial 50% design is approved, the balance 50% will be completed.
After the completion of designing, programming modules are integrated if any.

Step 10: Testing
The testing team and the Project Manager test the work thoroughly and ensure the highest quality. This step ensures the functionality of the web site.

Step 11: Final Approval.
The fully functional and tested project will be given to the client for final approval. Any minor changes will be rectified in this step itself.

Step 12: Launch the web site
The Project will be made live and the web site will be launched as per the specifications of servers. Live testing is done to make sure that the web site is working perfectly.

Step 13: Hand over the completed work
A maintenance template METemplate.doc will be handed over to the client for furnishing it and sent to LogonB2B.

Step 14: Maintenance
Maintenance is done as per the requirement of the client, given to LogonB2B.

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