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SEO Services

The process of prioritizing appearance of web pages in different search engines against a set of keyword/s or key phrase/s is known as SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Your website must act as a qualified lead generator. LogonB2B provides professional SEO assistance and consulting for your website. We primarily focus on SEO with top Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN as these cover 90 -95% of entire search worldwide.

SEO-friendly websites are those websites which have sufficient quality content easily readable by search engines, linking with other websites, good no. of web pages, good Google page ranking, Alexa ranking, good no of visits etc. Different search engines have different algorithm for ranking of a web page. With the help of analysis of competitive pages, structure of page is determined manually as well as with the help pf SEO tools. LogonB2B constantly works on your web pages with given set of key phrases and keywords to optimize your website. One thing should be noted that SEO can not be done overnight as it requires continuous effort in improving web pages of your website.

Process of SEO
A website is very well analyzed before starting SEO with it. After analysis we suggest the improvement of content and design if required. This involves addition of the keywords and key phrases in the appropriate place in a web page. Post modification, the web pages are submitted to different search engines. Based on the response from different search engines, web pages are modified in terms of keywords, text, Meta tags, title, alt tag etc. and resubmitted. This process continues till desired results are achieved. Web Promotion is a great help in SEO and done in parallel.

Web Promotion
It is done in many ways.

Link development: One of the chief concerns of SEO is link development and web promotion helps in building quality links. Your website is added to different open directories.

Online banner advertisement: Further, depending upon your budget and requirement we suggest banner advertisements in different relevant portals having good no. of visits from the target audience. This can be done by having a small test to see the effectiveness of your advertisement. LogonB2B designs banners for you for a specific campaign in line of other marketing campaigns.

Attracting repeat visits: Repeat visit to your website is again very important for your website as it improves no. of visits and hits. A weekly / monthly newsletter or information about offers on your new products/services or offer something free to registered users always help in bringing a visitor again and again. Similarly RSS feeds for your news and other updated pages, online discussion forum, knowledge bank etc. increase the visits to your website. LogonB2B does all these for your site.
Google Adwords: Google Adwords is a remedy for immediate result on SEO. With the help of Google Adwords, your website will appear as sponsored link in either top or right hand side of Google searched page. Your campaign will run for a certain period and geography. Google charges on per click basis. We suggest you right when and how to go for Google Adwords.

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