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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  Companies are focusing on customer centric business models to sustain profitability in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. The role of CRM business applications has evolved from helping manage customer information to enabling the sales force to build and manage profitable customer relationships. LogonB2B helps organizations devise and implement Offshore CRM Application Design & Development strategies and solutions that become the backbone of their customer acquisition and retention strategies, and help them foster loyal, profitable customer relationships.

LogonB2B helps you create strategic differentiation and operational superiority by configuring and implementing a CRM solution aligned with the elements of your competitive strategy. While our CRM strategy and roadmap work in tandem with yours, you will be backed by detailed CRM value assessments; this therefore forms the basis for the implementation of exceptional CRM capability.

LogonB2B has service offerings tailored to technology and process maturity of your customer interactions. Our CRM consulting arm leverages deep technical and industry knowledge.

LogonB2Bs’ CRM strategies and the solutions help you address a variety of CRM implementation issues in areas such as account management, customer retention and campaign management, or call center interactions. Our CRM consulting team will help you devise specialized CRM strategies that reflect positively on your revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction. Our CRM strategies and CRM package solutions orchestrate a pinpoint execution.

Experience at LogonB2B

LogonB2B has proven expertise and experience in designing and developing Web enabled/client server applications. We implement two-tier and three-tier / multi-tier client-server applications for Enterprise networks / Intranets. We offer benefits to our clients by Providing GUI / web front-ends to legacy mainframe systems, distributed computing - resulting in faster processing of complex application logic.

Some of the Features LogonB2B has implemented in CRM for Financial Domain are .
  • Instant access to current status of client’s entire portfolio.
  • Visual Presentation of portfolio model.
  • Full Integration with most widely used financial software.
  • Full Security of financial information.
  • Simultaneous online viewing with client for collaboration.
  • Data migration from Legacy systems like Ez-Data, Advisor Assistance etc.
  • Offline Synchronization Application running on laptop.
LogonB2B has developed CRM on various technologies.
  • Cold Fusion MX
  • NET Platform
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MS Sql Server
  • Sybase Oracle
  • Sugar CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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